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Counselling and Conflict Resolution at the University of Bayreuth

Social conflicts are an everyday phenomenon in the working world. The way they are dealt with affects job satisfaction, the work environment, the health and motivation of staff as well as work results. The University of Bayreuth is committed to dealing with conflicts in a responsible way, ensuring mutual respect among all those involved.

Employees of the University of Bayreuth can turn to our external counsellors to resolve conflicts in the workplace as well as in cases of discrimination and harassment. Two counsellors also offer special support in cases of racism. 

This service is free of charge. Consultations are bound to professional discretion. The objective is to collect complaints, to advise the parties concerned, and to facilitate conflict resolution.

Please note: If you have seen a counsellor for individual counselling, the same person usually cannot moderate conversations between you and other individuals involved in the conflict. If you are unsure about the right course of action, Ms Herrmann from the Staff Council (tel. 2163) and Dr Dinglreiter from the Human Resources Department (tel. 5875) are available to advise you. You can also contact either person to find out which conflict advisor might be suitable for your case.

Basic Information

Conflict Resolution

Discrimination and Harrassment

Counselling and Mediation

You are free to contact one of the following persons:

Carmela Herrmann, Personalratsvorsitzende
Mediator (FH)

Service: Mediation
Languages: German, English

Building B 8
Phone: 0921 / 55-2163
E-Mail: carmela.herrmann@uni-bayreuth.de
Information "What is Mediation?" (in German) on the Staff Council website

Klaus Hofmann
Psychological psychotherapist

Service: Counselling
Language: German

Eremitagestr. 29
95448 Bayreuth
Phone (land line): 0921 / 980200
Phone (mobile): 0178 / 1829158 
E-Mail: klaus.hofmann2@freenet.de 
Website: Psychotherapeutic practice Klaus Hofmann

Rosalia Petropoulou
M. Sc. Psychology

Services: Counselling, mediation, experiences of discrimination (racism, sexism etc.)
Languages: German, English, Greek

Kaipershof 12
96047 Bamberg
Phone: 0176 / 23734968 
E-Mail: petropoulourosalia@gmail.com
Consultations are held via video conference or in Bamberg.

Christiana Udeogu-Gözalan
Medical doctor, specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychoanalysis 

Services: Counselling, experiences of discrimination and racism
Languages: German, English

Ismaninger Str. 76
81675 München-Bogenhausen
Phone: 0160 / 99124925 
E-Mail: christiana@udeogu.com 
Consultations are held via video conference or on Campus.

Rudi Wendland
Dipl.-Soziologogist, Supervisor + Coach DGSv

Services: Counselling, Mediation
Language: German

Opernstr. 9
95444 Bayreuth
Telefon: 0921 / 3424173
Mobil: 0151 / 17867581 
E-Mail: ruwenbay@gmail.com 
Website: Supervision & Coaching Rudi Wendland

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