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New Professors

***At the moment, this page is primarily geared to new professors. We plan to extend the content to other employee groups in the future.***

Are you new to the University of Bayreuth or will you be joining us soon? The intranet provides a great deal of relevant information on a wide range of topics. We would like to make your start easier and briefly explain some of the contents of the intranet to help you get started:

You will find an overview of the University's structure under "Organisation & Structure".

Information on internal process flows and the forms required by the various units as well as the services they offer can be found under "Forms, Processes & Service" (in German), e.g. for the procurement of office materials, for hiring employees or for the Bayreuth-WiN certificate for early-career scholars.

A collection of links to central online services of the University (e.g. telephone book, CampusOnline, time recording, e-learning etc.) as well as other helpful information are included under "Online Services & Links".

Under the heading "Committees", relevant documents from various university-wide committees can be found (in German). Access to these areas is usually password-protected. If you do not have access to a given area although you belong to the user group, please contact cms@uni-bayreuth.de.

You can find an overview of the functionaries of the academic self-administration under "Faculties". Faculty-specific information is available either on the websites of the faculties or after logging in on this page with your bt username and the associated password.

Important To Dos relating to the recruitment and arrival of new professors

A) Preparation shortly before commencing work

UBT Campus Card including bt-usernameHide

Automatically triggered in the course of the hiring process: Once the appointment agreement has been signed, the person is entered in VIVA by III/1.1; automatic notification of the IT-S and sending of a photo by III/1.1 to chipkarte@uni-bayreuth.de. Sending of the CampusCard, the bt-username and the initial password by letter to III/1.1 and forwarding by this to the private address of the professor. Access to all internal UBT systems is then possible. Contact persons:


If renovations are carried out for a research group, the important technical contacts for planning are in the ZT (Buildings & Grounds Maintenance): 

Office equipmentHide

Planning, consultation and procurement of movable furniture by Stephan Stöckel (einkauf-bueroeinrichtung@uni-bayreuth.de). Frequently asked questions on the topics of initial furnishing and replacement furniture can be found on the university website under II/2.4.

Important: Procurement and awarding are centrally organized at the University and are handled by II/2 Procurement Affairs (using e-forms). Official procurements via e-forms and access to the online shop for configuring IT hardware/software are not possible until a bt username has been assigned.

Room accessHide

Apply for keys or transponders for buildings/departments at: schluesselvergabe@uni-bayreuth.de (ZT 5.2 Key and Transponder Management, Locking Systems: Sebastian Walter and Andreas Di Franco).
For staff members, the professor takes care of the lock authorization.

Telephone connectionHide

Set up connections incl. extensions and fax as well as recording in internal UBT telephone book at: TK-service@uni-bayreuth.de (Buildings & Grounds Maintenance, Communications Technology: Uwe Christiansen and Annette Hacker-Schödel). Please indicate the account to which the current telephone charges are to be billed (see also below "Basic questions on the management of appointment funds").

B) Arrival phase/start at University of Bayreuth

Questions of principle on the management of appointment fundsHide

Immediately after the conclusion of the appointment agreement, the appointee receives an information letter from Accounting. Among other things, this informs the appointee of the budget positions through which the commitments will be managed. The letter also contains references to other important contacts in the departments for financial and procurement affairs.

Information system for bookings (HIS-QIS)Hide

The professor and his/her secretary usually receive automatic access to the information system for bookings (HIS-QIS); if necessary, an application can be made (form via link below). The system offers the possibility to view the booking data of an account.

Set up chair or teaching in CampusOnlineHide

Support with questions regarding CAMPUSonline and cmlife, our two platforms for teaching administration, is available from the Student Life Cycle Management division of Unit I. In particular, this concerns the assignment of rights and the administration of modules and courses.

  • Contact person: Tobias Kreisel, Student Life Cycle Management, cmhelp@uni-bayreuth.de
  • An online training course for secretaries and lecturers on the general use of CAMPUSonline, cmlife and scrit takes place every second Tuesday of the month at 10 am. You can find the link to the event here. (Please note that the training course is offered in German only.)
  • Further information can be obtained on our website.
Corporate design, business stationery, photo, posters and moreHide

Extensive information and templates on the intranet, including templates for stationery and PowerPoint, files of the university logos and you can order business cards, as well as information on social media policies, official English translations and the university language guide.

Create homepage for your research groupHide

Support in creating a new research group website; advice on design options, setting up a basic framework, applying for a subdomain, training in the content management system Fiona 7 in cooperation with ITS.

Application for leave cards for employees via the dean’s officeHide
Contact with IT Service CentreHide

Central IT services (e-learning, Exchange, Myfiles, training pools, ...), IT framework contracts for HW and SW, basic installation

Clarification/application for relocation costsHide

In the case of professors, the promise of reimbursement of relocation costs is included in the letter of appointment. The application for reimbursement of relocation costs must be submitted to the Straubing office of the State Office of Finance (LfF) using the forms provided by the LfF.

Hiring staffHide

If you want to hire new staff or take them over from your previous university, contact these units in the Human Resources Department:

  • III/1.2 for academic staff (incl. auxiliaries) funded from university positions /from budgetary funds
  • III/1.3 for academic employees (incl. auxiliary staff) funded via third-party funding
  • III/2 for science support staff (secretaries, technical staff)

You can find the relevant information and forms here under "Einstellung" (in German only). There you will also find a guide to hiring staff, which will give you advice on the process.

Transfer of third party research fundsHide

In particular, questions in the run-up to a transfer of third-party funded projects.

C) Important in the first 100 days

Dozent spricht vor Studierenden
Inaugural lectureHide

The inaugural lecture gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the students and members of your faculty as well as other members of the university in a festive setting with an approx. 45-minute, generally understandable lecture. The event usually includes a reception for the attending colleagues, students and (family) guests. Please also take note of the university's hospitality policy, which can be found on the Accounting Office's intranet page under "Booking information and forms". The inaugural lecture should take place promptly in the 1st or, at the latest, 2nd semester after you start your work in Bayreuth. You can coordinate the details in your faculty, e.g. with the dean's office responsible for you

Contact persons in the area of teachung and learning for your facultyHide

The service unit PULS (Process Guidance & Support in Teaching & Learning) adresses internal and cross-faculty processes, projects, and innovations for the improvement of study quality. It also supports the evaluation of teaching and study programmes, promotes exchange and networking between the faculties, and forms an interface to the central facilities in the area of teaching and learning.
For students, PULS is the point of contact in the faculties with advice and support services related to studying.

Office of Research SupportHide

The Office of Research Support is your contact point for all information you need regarding external funding and for the preparation of your third-party funding request. We are happy to help you in all phases of your project planning and funding request. Please feel free to contact us and include us in your planning as early as possible.
We offer advice relating to all funding programmes available to researchers in Germany. We also support you with applications and nominations for research awards. In addition, we are happy to advise you in the context of the working group FDM@UBT on the topic of research data management, e.g. on the requirements of funders in this area or on the creation of a data management plan.

  • An overview of our consulting services and the relevant contact persons is available on our website.
  • Advising appointments can be carried out in person, by email, by phone, or via Zoom/MS Teams.
  • Your contact persons are Ursula Higgins, Mirjam Horn-Schott, Sabine Zühlcke, David Magnus, and Immanuel Zitzmann.
  • Contact: forschungsfoerderung@uni-bayreuth.de
Occupational safety, occupational medicine, radiation protection and biological safetyHide
  • The Safety Advisor and the Safety Office are your central point of contact for all questions relating to occupational safety, fire protection, first aid, and occupational medicine. The staff will be happy to help you with issues such as risk assessments and briefings, they will support you in handling or transporting hazardous substances, and are also your point of contact in the event of accidents.
  • For the areas of radiation protection, genetic engineering, and laser protection, you will receive important information on requests and authorizations as well as on the university's internal processes.
  • Your first points of contact are Dieter Spörl and Claudia Zehring.
Training on the topics of personnel management, communication and teaching (within the framework of the appointment agreement)Hide

Newly appointed professors at the University of Bayreuth receive a monthly appointment allowance of €200, initially limited to two years. This can be continued indefinitely and with pension entitlement if two of the following three training courses are attended within the first two years of employment:

The current dates and information on registration can be obtained from the relevant contact persons by e-mail.

Trainings courses offered by the Centre for Teaching & Learning in Higher EducationHide

We offer didactic services for all lecturers. In addition to the classic training programmes, our activities and offers include projects for the further development of teaching with research groups, teaching consultations and coaching of institutes/ individuals, along with exchange formats covering a broad range of university teaching. By earning certificates, lecturers can make their commitment and skills in teaching more visible.

  • Click here to find out more about our current seminar offerings for newly appointed members of the academic staff.
  • Contact us: Dipl.-Päd. Paul Dölle, research associate/ seminar planning, paul.doelle@uni-bayreuth.de
Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (IEI)Hide

The University of Bayreuth's Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (IEI) is the central point of contact for transfer and innovation topics at the University of Bayreuth. The IEI supports all members of the university in making their start-up ambitions and innovation projects a reality (e.g. by providing patent advice) with its diverse portfolio of start-up counselling, entrepreneurially oriented teaching, and a range of transfer formats. Thanks to a broad network of companies, start-ups, policymakers and organizations, the IEI is happy to be the point of contact for interdisciplinary cooperation on joint research and transfer projects or joint innovation-oriented teaching formats.

The International Club for the University of Bayreuth e.V.Hide

Founded in 1976, the International Club for the University of Bayreuth e.V. (IC) is a non-profit registered association and one of the oldest support organisations of the University of Bayreuth. The IC has over 200 members and is firmly anchored in the international life of the university and the city. As a ladies' club, its members are committed to looking after and supporting the University's international guests and their accompanying families. The IC organises a varied programme throughout the year, which invites people to get to know each other and exchange ideas. The programme includes guest meetings, welcome parties at the start of each semester, the big Franconian Summer Night Festival in summer, a St. Nicholas party and Advent baking in December, language courses, lectures, guided city tours in English, excursions and much, much more.

  • The meeting place for many of the events is the guest house of the University of Bayreuth, the Alexander von Humboldt House at Eichendorffring 5, 95447 Bayreuth.
  • In addition, the IC finances two German scholarships and always offers the IC Award for outstanding young foreign scholars on the university's anniversary.
  • Contact us: internationaler-club@uni-bayreuth.de
  • Additional information is available here.
Public relations and science communicationHide

Press, Marketing and Communications - Marketing Communications (PMK-MarCom) at the University of Bayreuth is your contact for all matters concerning public relations and science communication. The staff members there are always happy to help you make your research at the University of Bayreuth publicly visible.

The press team is also happy to assist in arranging professional media training through external providers.

Doctorates, your doctoral students and the University of Bayreuth Graduate SchoolHide

The first point of contact for you and for your doctoral students with questions concerning the doctorate is the dean's office of your faculty.
For questions regarding the mandatory online registration of doctoral students and the University of Bayreuth Graduate School, the team of the service unit WiN (Junior Scholar Office) is also available.

Junior Scholar Office and WiN-AcademyHide

Advanced training and support for post-docs, junior research group leaders, post-doctoral researchers and junior professors
For junior professors, the WiN Academy offers a comprehensive range of training units on interdisciplinary topics in nine different areas. These include soft skills, the basics and framework of a professorship, research and project management, as well as methods courses, specific funding opportunities, and consulting and coaching. In addition, the WiN Academy bundles the offers of various service points in an event brochure that is published each semester.

  • The brochure of the current training programme is available here for download (only in German; login required).
  • The Junior Scholar Office (WiN) will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Contact us: Iris Hetz (Dipl.-Ing.), win-ubt@uni-bayreuth.de
University LibraryHide

The University Library supports you with a wide range of services. A general overview is found on the website and contains tips for researchers and lecturers.
At the University Libary, you will be personally supervised by the relevant subject area advisor. Your contact person will get in touch with you shortly after your employment at the University of Bayreuth begins.

  • The University Library has also published a list of contact persons as well as further information on its services in a flyer especially for researchers (only in German).

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