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Organization & Structure

The central legal basis of the University of Bayreuth is its Constitution. These – and other statutes and regulations – are published on the Official Announcements of the University of Bayreuth website.

The organizational structure of the University of Bayreuth is documented in two central documents:

1. in the business distribution plan (this is where the structure of the administration is shown)

2. in the Organizational Structure (this is where all academic institutions of the University can be found)

The business distribution plan is created and maintained by the Staff Office of the Committee Support, while the organizational decision is created and maintained by the Statutes Department (Department I/1).

The operations of the central administration at the University of Bayreuth are governed by the General Rules of Procedure for all Bavarian Authorities (AGO). This is supplemented by the Rules of Procedure for the University of Bayreuth's central administration as well as the Regulations for Records Management, the Archiving Regulations, and the Archive User Regulations.

The University of Bayreuth’s organizational structure came into force on 01.10.2022. An illustration can be found here.

The strategic goals of UBT are defined in the Structure & Development Plan. The monitoring of the implementation of the planned measures, and the achievement of the goals set,  is checked by means of monitoring by the Strategic Projects and Reporting (SPuR) staff unit.
Further strategies of the University of Bayreuth in individual areas, e.g. on internationalization, digitalization, or sustainability, can be found on the homepage under the profile of the University of Bayreuth.

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